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Residential cleaning starts from your home and ends with your health

Cleaning does not end with dusting your floors and mopping dirt out of your house. It has layers that help you maintain a place that can truly shine and make you feel better just by being there. While we talk about how cleaning adversely affects us for the good it has largely to do with our health.


Who let the clothes out?:

The most annoying yet satisfying thing to do is folding your clothes. So well, that is where we start. We all have a chair of piled-up clothes in our house, sit right there, and start folding them. One by one you will see a clean atmosphere unfold in your room. Once you are done with it, placing them in the cupboard can be one of the most pleasing things to do to calm your nerves.


We do a lot of things to stay healthy. Be it following a diet that you don’t like or doing squats on a Monday afternoon, you do the worst of the things to stay healthy and moreover fit. But it all goes in vain if you do now find yourself living in a clean and healthy environment. 


While we talk about cleaning it includes all the aspects housekeeping services can provide you. Which starts with and is not limited to deep cleaning, furniture cleaning, sanitization, pest control, etc…


Let us see how these steps help us in improving and sustaining our health.


Sweeping and mopping are only the beginning:

When we think about cleaning our room, the first thing that comes to our mind is to grab a broom and mop to wipe the dirt off the floors. And on good days even the walls and sometimes the ceiling too. But is that enough? In an Indian household, we follow this household every day yet we are not cent percent sure about living in a clean and healthy environment. That brings us to a point that cleaning does not end with brooms and mop it only begins there. Well then, what next?


Deep cleaning levels up the routine:

There are various ways housekeeping services choose to deep clean, as it leaves more chance of a clean and healthy floor. Deep cleaning services promise you the level of cleanliness you look for when you aim for a clean and healthy environment. Oftentimes deep cleaning services are done by sprinkling baking soda on the floor and then using vinegar and dish soap. Mopping the floor with a microfiber mop can give good results.


It is important to clean your kitchen:

Our health revolves around the hygiene and conditions of our kitchen. As the food we consume is stored and prepared in the kitchen It is of utmost importance that we keep our kitchen the cleanest. Housekeeping services suggest cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis. You can even hire them to do it for you. In a swift-paced life, it can often be hectic to find the time to properly clean your kitchen. But, don’t let it cost your health and your life.


We often forget about the water tank:

The water used for various purposes like bathing, washing your clothes and dishes is stored in a common water tank quite often. Not cleaning it can often lead to water-borne diseases. While we take all our efforts to clean our house and ourselves, while absolutely forgetting about the existence of the water tank. It is important. Any housekeeping service that provides deep cleaning services can help you with this.



The sofas are often dusty:

We spend most of our leisure time on the couch or the sofas. It is necessary to keep them clean. Dusty sofas can give you allergies and it can be very difficult for people with breathing issues to survive a healthy life on furniture that is not clean. Housekeeping services suggest you clean your sofas every 6 months for the best hygiene around your place.



Don’t let the insects harm you:

One of the worst things that affect our household is the presence of pests in our residence. One cockroach in the kitchen can disrupt your day to a level that you start worrying about your health. And why shouldn’t you? It can cost you a lot of diseases if you do not do anything about it. Pest control services do an excellent job in not only cleaning, sanitizing, and using effective chemicals to help you with it they will make sure the pests won’t return.


When it comes to pests do not think twice, hire a pest control service at your residence and keep your family and yourself safe.


While cleaning becomes one of the most important aspects of a healthy, happy, and better lifestyle. It is important to take your time and efforts to make sure that you live in a clean environment.


There are many housekeeping services that can help you with protecting your loved ones from bad health and deadly diseases.



DFG is a residential cleaning service that provides any kind of cleaning assistance be it simple housekeeping services, deep cleaning, or pest control services. We have it all in a cost-effective approach. Don’t be hesitant and book a slot at the earliest for a clean and healthy residence.