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Home cleaning tips to make your festivals happier and healthier.

With the festive season around the corner, we all are geared up for a lot of things. Shopping, inviting guests, cooking good food, and wearing a smile remain the constant mood of the entire festive season. While everything is set and we are almost about to kickstart the second part of the year – the more fun and aesthetic section of it.

With everything in place while we look at the preparations the most clumsy and struggling part of the festive season is – CLEANING!!

While it is almost impossible to allot home cleaning among the members of your family, the more difficult step is to take the first step towards planning the cleaning part of it.

While there are options for home cleaning services and housekeeping services, let us help you figure out how to make a detailed plan to execute a clean, happy, and healthy festive season.

Let us begin with the basics


Who let the clothes out?:

The most annoying yet satisfying thing to do is folding your clothes. So well, that is where we start. We all have a chair of piled-up clothes in our house, sit right there, and start folding them. One by one you will see a clean atmosphere unfold in your room. Once you are done with it, placing them in the cupboard can be one of the most pleasing things to do to calm your nerves.


Action Plan:

Like any home cleaning service would do you can start with a basic plan on what are the things you want to achieve and complete in the time that you have. Make a list of people who are going to be a part of your home cleaning service and then allocate the tasks.


Take one room at a time:

The time that is going to take for the whole personal home cleaning service can depend on the size of your room and the number of rooms that you have. We largely suggest that you go with the huge parts of your house first and then eliminate the small rooms.


Break your activities:

Allotting a huge task to someone can be hectic, as we have seen in housekeeping services when someone is given a huge task there are chances of them mugging up. Which is more common among siblings. Try to break the tasks into smaller tasks and then assign them. This can motivate them to do the tasks quickly.


Throw what is not needed:

When we sit to clean we find a lot of things we forget that existed. Some toys from our childhood give us a nostalgic trip, while the old photo albums take us on a joy ride. And then we find things that nobody needs. Well, some of those things are worth saving but some are just waste. Throw them before it takes up unnecessary space in your house.

While you are done with the basics of it, you can move ahead to the actual cleaning part of your festive cleaning:



One of the first steps in a home cleaning service is to dust the floor and walls. While it can be boring and lame to dust every corner of your house. Once you are done with it you will feel absolutely ecstatic about how clean and healthy it looks after a housekeeping service.



The second step can be sweeping the floors and walls with detergent or floor cleaner. Make sure you keep the kids away, We have a certified experience of kids tumbling down and falling on wet surfaces. We can make sure that while we sweep the rooms, the bathroom and toilet can also be cleaned thoroughly as the guests would definitely not like an unhygienic washroom.


Pest Control:

As it is going to be a festive mood and good vibes around you, you would not want pests and insects roaming around your living room. You can use chemicals like 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D), Aldrin/Dieldrin, Atrazine, and Chlordan for the same. Hiring a housekeeping service that provides good pest control service can also be a good idea to execute.



With the emergence of diseases and viruses and outsiders coming to your place, it is good to do a complete sanitization of your house before and after the festivals. To know more about hygiene and the importance of sanitization we suggest you read our previous blog.



Deep cleaning:

The best thing to do before you kickstart your festive season is to deep clean your floors, walls, balcony, and toilet with deep cleaning methods: using a mop, scrubbers, and chemicals to avoid any residue of germs or bacteria at your place. You can even hire a home cleaning service for the same.



While we wish you all the joy and happiness for the entire festive season we would also like to mention that DFG services supplies out-of-the-world home cleaning services with 5-star trained staff and a quick response time. 


We would not mind being a part of your festive cleaning team, Just like a family.