How we helped Getwell Hospital in cleaning and maintaining their hospital germs free.


The Getwell Hospital project consisted of a hospital cleaning job for us. Talking about Getwell Hospital, it is a leading healthcare facility dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. With an average of 100 patients visiting daily, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is of utmost importance to minimise the risk of nosocomial infections. And our core role was to reduce the risk of this hazardous infection, which included services like building maintenance, linen management, waste management, pest control, and infection control. We also ensured the safety and security of patients and the facility’s infrastructure while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

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Client Story

Getwell hospital is founded by a group of self made dedicated professionals, each of whom has established himself through sheer hard work and sincerity. The hospital believes in the sole aim of patients comfort and safety; to take this into consideration they have enabled the following patient care facilities in the hospital.

What makes this hospital unique is the board of directors who comprises a group of highly skilled doctors who excel in their respective medical specialties and possess a deep commitment to providing exceptional patient care. These doctors have demonstrated outstanding expertise in their fields, making them valuable leaders in the healthcare industry.Through their medical expertise, leadership qualities, and commitment to patient care, they ensure that the organisation consistently delivers outstanding healthcare services, making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in need.

While the board of directors comprises excellent doctors and strives to provide exceptional patient care, it is important to acknowledge that hospitals often face a range of challenges in their operations. Some of the challenges faced by Getwell Hospital are as follows


Getwell Hospital faced significant challenges in maintaining optimal cleanliness due to various factors that posed obstacles to their cleaning efforts.

High Risk of Nosocomial Infections

The constant influx of patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals increased the risk of healthcare-associated infections, compromising patient safety and well-being.

Time and Resource Constraints

The hospital staff had limited time and resources to dedicate to comprehensive cleaning and disinfection due to their primary focus on patient care.

Compliance with Regulations

To overcome these challenges faced by the hospital, DFG Services played a crucial role in providing support and solutions.

Roles and Responsibility

Our job was to identify these problems and act immediately by providing the best solution to this.,so we inculcated deep cleaning and remediation, enhanced infection control measures by identifying high-risk areas and implemented targeted cleaning procedures to mitigate the spread of pathogens using appropriate cleaning agents, created a customised cleaning plans by using a detailed and tailored approach,we also conducted regular inspections and audits to assess the cleanliness of the facility, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a high level of quality, and helped the hospital maintain a clean and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors, DFG Services recognized the importance of staff training in maintaining cleanliness standards. And we conducted comprehensive training programs for Getwell Hospital’s cleaning staff, focusing on proper cleaning techniques, infection control measures, and the use of specialised equipment. Last but not least we successfully assisted Getwell Hospital in overcoming its cleaning challenges; by addressing deep cleaning needs, enhancing infection control measures, providing training, and offering reliable support during emergencies

Result & Benefits

The collaboration between Getwell Hospital and DFG Services yielded several positive outcomes

Reduced Infection Rates

The implementation of DFG Services' comprehensive cleaning services resulted in a significant reduction in healthcare-associated infections. The risk of cross-contamination and nosocomial infections among patients, visitors, and staff was minimised.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

A clean and hygienic environment positively impacted patient satisfaction levels. Patients felt reassured and confident in the quality of care provided, leading to improved patient experiences and positive feedback.

Regulatory Compliance

By partnering with DFG Services, Getwell Hospital successfully met and exceeded the stringent infection control regulations and guidelines set forth by regulatory authorities. This ensured the hospital's continued operation and reputation for providing safe patient care.


DFG Services expertise and efficient cleaning practices optimised the hospital's maintenance costs by reducing the need for excessive cleaning supplies and minimising treatment costs associated with healthcare-associated infections.


The collaboration between Getwell Hospital and DFG Services proved to be instrumental in enhancing hospital hygiene and infection control. By leveraging DFG Services’ tailored cleaning services, well-trained staff, advanced equipment, and stringent infection control protocols, Getwell Hospital successfully mitigated the risk of nosocomial infections and created a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The positive outcomes achieved, including reduced infection rates, improved patient satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness, highlight the value of professional cleaning services in maintaining a hygienic healthcare facility. Getwell Hospital’s partnership with DFG Services exemplifies the significance of proactive measures and dedicated efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for patients.

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