Home cleaning tips to make your festivals happier and healthier.

With the festive season around the corner, we all are geared up for a lot of things. Shopping, inviting guests, cooking good food, and wearing a smile remain the constant mood of the entire festive season. While everything is set and we are almost about to kickstart the second part of the year – the more fun and aesthetic section of it.

With everything in place while we look at the preparations the most clumsy and struggling part of the festive season is – CLEANING!!

While it is almost impossible to allot home cleaning among the members of your family, the more difficult step is to take the first step towards planning the cleaning part of it.

While there are options for home cleaning services and housekeeping services, let us help you figure out how to make a detailed plan to execute a clean, happy, and healthy festive season.

Let us begin with the basics


Who let the clothes out?:

The most annoying yet satisfying thing to do is folding your clothes. So well, that is where we start. We all have a chair of piled-up clothes in our house, sit right there, and start folding them. One by one you will see a clean atmosphere unfold in your room. Once you are done with it, placing them in the cupboard can be one of the most pleasing things to do to calm your nerves.


Action Plan:

Like any home cleaning service would do you can start with a basic plan on what are the things you want to achieve and complete in the time that you have. Make a list of people who are going to be a part of your home cleaning service and then allocate the tasks.


Take one room at a time:

The time that is going to take for the whole personal home cleaning service can depend on the size of your room and the number of rooms that you have. We largely suggest that you go with the huge parts of your house first and then eliminate the small rooms.


Break your activities:

Allotting a huge task to someone can be hectic, as we have seen in housekeeping services when someone is given a huge task there are chances of them mugging up. Which is more common among siblings. Try to break the tasks into smaller tasks and then assign them. This can motivate them to do the tasks quickly.


Throw what is not needed:

When we sit to clean we find a lot of things we forget that existed. Some toys from our childhood give us a nostalgic trip, while the old photo albums take us on a joy ride. And then we find things that nobody needs. Well, some of those things are worth saving but some are just waste. Throw them before it takes up unnecessary space in your house.

While you are done with the basics of it, you can move ahead to the actual cleaning part of your festive cleaning:



One of the first steps in a home cleaning service is to dust the floor and walls. While it can be boring and lame to dust every corner of your house. Once you are done with it you will feel absolutely ecstatic about how clean and healthy it looks after a housekeeping service.



The second step can be sweeping the floors and walls with detergent or floor cleaner. Make sure you keep the kids away, We have a certified experience of kids tumbling down and falling on wet surfaces. We can make sure that while we sweep the rooms, the bathroom and toilet can also be cleaned thoroughly as the guests would definitely not like an unhygienic washroom.


Pest Control:

As it is going to be a festive mood and good vibes around you, you would not want pests and insects roaming around your living room. You can use chemicals like 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D), Aldrin/Dieldrin, Atrazine, and Chlordan for the same. Hiring a housekeeping service that provides good pest control service can also be a good idea to execute.



With the emergence of diseases and viruses and outsiders coming to your place, it is good to do a complete sanitization of your house before and after the festivals. To know more about hygiene and the importance of sanitization we suggest you read our previous blog.



Deep cleaning:

The best thing to do before you kickstart your festive season is to deep clean your floors, walls, balcony, and toilet with deep cleaning methods: using a mop, scrubbers, and chemicals to avoid any residue of germs or bacteria at your place. You can even hire a home cleaning service for the same.



While we wish you all the joy and happiness for the entire festive season we would also like to mention that DFG services supplies out-of-the-world home cleaning services with 5-star trained staff and a quick response time. 


We would not mind being a part of your festive cleaning team, Just like a family.


8 things that motivate Indians for Residential Cleaning

A clean house results in good physical and mental health. Good health leads you to a better lifestyle. A fine lifestyle is the best way to look at life. Well, It all begins at home.

With all the hassles of life, and the atrocities we face outside the home a clean household keeps us at peace. Cleanliness does not begin and end with the idea of keeping our floor and walls clean. In India cleanliness is considered to be much superior and religious.

We believe in keeping our surroundings clean and residential cleaning comes at the top of our list when it comes to cleaning. In the larger picture where we like our things clean, we start with the basic things like keeping our surroundings hygienic, sweeping our floors, and in the best care, we hire a residential cleaning service to do the job.

Let us see what are the things that motivate us to clean our rooms, even if we are lazy enough to do it ourselves.


1. Personal Hygiene

Most of us have a set routine for our everyday chores. Most of it includes work, preparing food, taking care of our health, and cleaning. An Indian mother would let not let you keep your room dirty, come what may. The habits that we learn from our household are then reflected in our personal hygiene. While it is important to take care of our personal hygiene with proper maintenance of our bodies and health, it is also of much importance to keep our surroundings clean.


2. Cleaning brings peace at home:

Be it when you wake up, or when you eventually go back to bed. A clean atmosphere makes you wanna smile at the pleasure of having to be living in a safe and happy environment. Our Indian culture compels us to eat, sleep and coexist with each other in a clean environment. While we live a fast-paced lifestyle, keeping time aside to do these chores can often be hectic. Most of us take the help of residential cleaning services in this case.


3. We want our guests to feel at home:

We Indians believe in the pleasure of treating our guests like gods. Give them a surrounding that not only makes them wanna visit again, but also feel at home. We do a lot of things to please our guests, be it preparing food, or welcoming them wholeheartedly. But everything would feel pale if they are not being welcomed to a clean ambiance. While we are most often prepared for guests at home, last-minute plans can be stressful. In such times we can always seek the help of housekeeping services to make our job easier.



4. It is a way of living:

Indian culture is considered to be one of the purest and most serene ways of living. Hygiene and cleanliness are tremendously important in every household. A daily bath and visiting holy places for the purity of our mind are mere add-ons to the complete circle of keeping ourselves clean. Even in the Puranas, we consider the cleanliness of highest virtue. Even with the advancements in everything around us, basic cleaning does not slip out of our hands. Residential cleaning services are one of the best things to lean on to support this habit we carry.


5. To lighten up the environment:

We like to live in a lit-up, bright and happy environment. When we buy a house or move into a new household the first few things we look at are the amount of sunlight, the colors of the wall, and the sound of nature. While everything portrays a calmness around us we feel at ease. While most houses have this culture of cleaning and maintaining it every day, some of us consult residential cleaning services to help us out of our misery.


6. Festivals:

Indians are known for celebrating festivals with the maximum enthusiasm we behold. We have countless festivals throughout the country and every Indian feels pride in celebrating the festival that represents their side of the country, or the nation as a whole. The festive period comes with a lot of havoc at home, it also brings joy and happiness around us. Housekeeping services are a boon for anyone looking to have a hassle-free festive season.


7. Purity is a necessity:

We Indians vouch for purity, Be it in the food we eat, the clothes we wear,  or the friendship we maintain we often need it to be overwhelming and pure. One of the festivals celebrated by most Indians – Diwali portrays the importance of diya that spreads light in our life. That is exactly how cleaning brings our body and mind at ease, When it comes to housekeeping services Diya Facility Management Services was born with the idea of giving residential cleaning services to a level where you feel mentally and physically at peace.


8. Dreaming for a Green India:

We Indians are familiar with the term –  A clean India is a Green India. While most of us thrive to build a green India most of the efforts that we put begin at home. Only if we can keep our household clean, we can dream or even talk about keeping our surroundings clean. Without a clean surrounding, how can we even dream of a Green India? The service industry is developing a lot to bring this dream a reality. Hiring housekeeping services or letting a residential cleaning service do the job is not a difficult task in today’s time.


While cleaning and maintaining our household is one of the important things we do in our daily lives we find it difficult to cope with cleaning after our busy schedules. We are often running from one place to another for our ends to meet. And cleaning often becomes a liability.



That is where we as a facility management company have sworn to make it easier for you. Be it residential cleaning services, housekeeping services, or cleaning for an uninvited guest. We got your back.

Call DFG Services, or drop a mail to schedule a booking at your place. We are here to help you cause we understand the importance of cleanliness in your lives.



Why is sanitization service important even after cleaning every day?

“An unexpected guest inspires residential cleaning more than anything”, this guest can be a person, a group of people, or something as small as a bacteria, or an uninvited disease. We can efficiently clean for the guests that we can. What about the ones not visible to our naked eyes? How do we save ourselves from it?

Correct! With the help of sanitization services.

It all starts with cleaning. Cleaning is a very important aspect of our day-to-day living. While we consider our basic necessities it is a plus point to have cleaning as a key adjective to it. While we look at food, clothing, and shelter it is hygienic and much more efficient when we gaze at it as clean food, clean clothing, and clean shelter. Residential cleaning always begins at home, and home is where we live, eat, and survive. It is of utmost importance that we keep our homes clean.

But is cleaning enough to live in a hygienic environment? How does sanitization over shadow cleaning help us live in a much safer and uninfected environment? Let’s see how sanitization services help you with it:


Cleanliness is the foundation:

Nobody likes to live in a dirty home, We like our things organized and moreover unstained and clean. While we put constant effort to clean our homes every day, not just once there is often the fear of germs and bacteria. Which not only disrupts our environment but also affects our health. The most important factor in cleaning our residence comes with the idea of wanting to live in a hygienic atmosphere. While we know that hygiene is essential we often lack the knowledge to attain the level of hygiene that will make our home germ free and disinfected, that is where residential cleaning comes into the picture.


Why is hygiene important?

We have a certain set of practices that we follow regularly to keep ourselves clean. We all have a different understanding of what living in hygienic surroundings means. Taking a bath every day, cutting out nails regularly, and keeping our rooms clean, can be a few examples of having a hygienic lifestyle. It does not limit to keeping ourselves clean but the environment around us too. A hygienic individual highly focuses on improving any habit they have that can lead to bad health.


Hygiene is further classified into two parts:


1. Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene is defined by how we take care of ourselves. Washing hands before eating, washing fruits and vegetables before consuming, and cleaning our rooms and wardrobe regularly are examples of personal hygiene. One who follows these religiously tends to have a better chance of fighting and surviving diseases and at times not being affected by any health issues. A clean home leads to a better lifestyle.

2.Public Hygiene: It is very important to carry the good habits of hygiene we learn even when we go out. Spitting on the streets, loitering around, throwing plastic bags on the road, and bad maintenance of public property do not qualify as the best behaviour as a citizen of the place you live in. Public hygiene as it affects not only our health but also the people around us is very important and not to be taken lightly.

While we can collectively agree that hygiene is something we need to obtain to live in a disease-free habitat. How do we do that?

Basic sanitization and seeking the help of sanitization services is the stepping stone to achieving a hygienic household.


What is sanitization?

Primarily sanitization begins with cleaning and disinfecting with the help of Floor Scrubber Machines, Industrial Sweepers. Cleaning Carts. Hoses & Nozzles. At times it also includes the use of sanitizers and bleach to deep clean and it properly sanitizes our residence.


It sounds effective, but how is it actually done?

Sanitization is a whole process from scratch to obtaining a germ-free environment that starts with:

  1. Dry Clean: Sweeping the floors
  2. Pre Rinse: Rinsing the floors and equipment
  3. Soap & Scrub: Use detergent to clear the layer left after sweeping
  4. Post Rinse: Sanitization personnel will work with their equipment to disinfect the floors and walls
  5. Remove & Assemble: Ensuring that the moisture is removed
  6. Inspect: Monitoring if the sanitization goals are achieved in the previous steps
  7. Sanitize: Sanitize the walls, floors, and equipment.

While the process of sanitization services can differ from place to place and the kind of sanitization or disinfection that is being done. The basic approach is to clean, disinfect and sanitize the floors and walls (sometimes furniture too) to ensure there are little to no germs and bacteria left behind.


But I clean my house every day, why do I need to sanitize my home?

Basic cleaning will only help you to fight the things that you can see. Often times the viruses and germs that affect us, lead us to bad health and a lot of diseases. These viruses and germs are not visible to us. Fighting against it without the right choice of weapons can defeat us in the battle for our health. Cleaning your floor does not ensure a bacteria-free floor that will keep you healthy and safe. Thus it is very important that we focus on residential cleaning with persistent sanitization.

Sanitization is not something we need to shed a light on when someone is sick or something worse has happened. Prevention will always and forever be better than cure. Take every step towards sanitizing and consult a sanitization service to regularly disinfect your house so that you can rest assured of your and the health of your loved ones.


How do I sanitize my house?



DFG Services is a Facility Management Service that not only provides but also masters in yielding world-class residential cleaning and sanitization services. Our 5-star hotel-trained staff commits to leaving a fresh, clean, and disinfected house. Guess what, you don’t even need to have any equipment for the same.

Just give us a call, book a time and date, and we will schedule the sanitization service at your place and provide you with a mind-blowing service.


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